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Doctor management web app - Concept

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I'm glad to bestow with you guys with this new personal design for doctor management.
Resources might be helpful to you

1.) Micro-Interaction tips youtube
2.) UI design tips youtube
3.) Process of Interaction design
4.) Case Studies and design tips
5.) Instagram updates

After weeks of fast work, I finish this-this design which absolutely followed the great talented dudes @Balkan Brothers and always be a great fan of them


Dashboard: Overall view of your hospital
- Overall income
-Chat with you client
- Spent hours
-Transaction details
-Total Patient count
-Checklist for your day
-Sorting by m,y,w

Patient page: All your patient

-Money acquired from your patient
-How many times they came to the hospital
-Download report
-Send message
- Patient history
- Payment state (paid,pending,overdue)

Schedule page:

- We can book schedule for your client
- Using the trello concept, we can move the priority of the patient whether its risk, medium, normal patient

I'd enjoy some creative feedback :)
Be sure to check the attachment :)

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