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Doctor management web app - Concept

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Doctor management web app - Concept colourfull clean graph task schedule filter cards appointment doctor design app

I'm glad to bestow with you guys with this new personal design for doctor management.
Resources might be helpful to you

1.) Micro-Interaction tips youtube
2.) UI design tips youtube
3.) Process of Interaction design
4.) Case Studies and design tips
5.) Instagram updates

After weeks of fast work, I finish this-this design which absolutely followed the great talented dudes @Balkan Brothers and always be a great fan of them


Dashboard: Overall view of your hospital
- Overall income
-Chat with you client
- Spent hours
-Transaction details
-Total Patient count
-Checklist for your day
-Sorting by m,y,w

Patient page: All your patient

-Money acquired from your patient
-How many times they came to the hospital
-Download report
-Send message
- Patient history
- Payment state (paid,pending,overdue)

Schedule page:

- We can book schedule for your client
- Using the trello concept, we can move the priority of the patient whether its risk, medium, normal patient

I'd enjoy some creative feedback :)
Be sure to check the attachment :)

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