Revamping the Amazon experience

While I was using the Amazon app on my iPad Air, I noticed that the overall experience and interface could be improved. So I decided to redesign the user experience myself.

1. I started off by imagining a new user’s journey. I visually enhanced the login/join process with added colours and graphics and modernized the form styles. These improvements would make the user feel welcomed.

2. After the join process, I gave the users the ability to build their profile based on their interests. Their interests would cause dynamically generated recommended products to appear on their homepage.

3. Once inside, menu items that used to be displayed in multiple locations (i.e. Profile, Orders, Feedback, Help, Logout) are unified in a single menu.

4. I improved the search interface by giving it more real estate and enabled camera access on devices, which would allow the user to scan a product barcode for on-the-fly comparisons.

5. Lastly, I unified the gesture interface by placing the most common actions (i.e. Add to cart or wishlist) within a swipe to the left. A full swipe lets the user quickly add to cart.

Since Amazon is so complex, I've just barely scratched the surface. Enjoy!

Photo credit: unsplash

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