Blue Jackets Score: January 3, 2017

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Blue Jackets Score: January 3, 2017 infographics nhl sports minimal data data visualization hockey blue jackets columbus typography score

Game 36 / Check out the whole project here

One of the best ways to tell how a game went is by asking the opposing team's coach. Here were the words from the Oilers: "We didn't come anywhere close to their pace or their tenacity, their relentlessness. We weren't anywhere near it.” That being said, it always helps boost a team when they are playing at home and the crowd is chanting “We want 16. We want 16.” (Yes, I was there and yes I chanted quite loudly.) And boy, what a Sweet 16 it was. In now typical CBJ fashion we scored first during the first when Atkinson bounced the puck off an Oiler skate during our PP. The Oilers were able to answer the goal during 2nd period when Bob let an easy one slide down his front and roll back into the net. Later in the period Dubi got into a fight and was put into the box along with 2 Oilers. This gave Karlsson a chance to be on the PP in place of Dubinsky and also score, making the score 2-1. During the 3rd Foligno added another tally to the score, but Bob didn’t let Edmonton put a single puck past him for the rest of the game.

Game Highlights:
-With 16 wins in a row, the CBJ has now surpassed the former 2nd place streak of 15 by the Pens and is working toward the first place 17er (also help by the Pens)
-Everytime we have won a home game since #10 (maybe 9?) Nationwide Arena blasts DJ Khaled- All I Do Is Win (ft. T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, & Rick Ross)
and drops streamers from the rafters. It’s my new favorite everything.

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