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Since being nominated for Maker of the Year by Product Hunt, I've had this urge to do more this year.

While my fiancee was working that grueling ICU nurse shift, I had to bring in the New Year by myself... well, until I sent this tweet. I finally twisted @mubashariqbal arm (wasn't that hard actually) and his response was hilarious, "Ok, I have this idea but we can start it after I go eat dinner." ~Mubs.

This was a fun little hack project just to set the pace for the New Year. Thanks for everyone who has supported us. I hope 2017 brings everyone happiness.

What a crazy night and one of the best ways to set the right foot forward in 2017.

Check out for your 2016 @Dribbble recap.

Also, it's on Product Hunt for those who want to give it some love.

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