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GIFmas Tree 2016 - "blues4d" inspired

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You can see each step in the creation of this design at the Creative Process Gallery.

Merry GIFmas, everyone! Each year, I practice a tradition of introspection and reflection on the designs that I’ve created over that year, the inspirations which lead to them, and the techniques that I used to create them. I then create a new design in the shape of a tree, but composed of design elements from the year past. I call this tradition “GIFmas”.

This year, I looked back on what I created this year and said "Eh, I'm not feelin' it for any of those designs right now. Better find a source of inspiration to work from before I run out of time to create something for GIFmas this year." - and inspiration I indeed found! Just in the nick of time,I stumbled across a user named @blues4d, and there I found my inspiration, in his works. So I started with a moodboard with 4 of his images I thought I could start from. These were my inspiration:

"2016.08.30 / barplockaren"

"2016.08.31 / after aper"

"2016.08.29 / meet in the mid"

"2016.08.26 / white honey"

I figure that if I were to physically put this tree up today, since today is when I designed it, I’d probably take the tree down late January. I would welcome this as something beautiful to help warm up the home in the dark, dark winter. :)

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