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Christmas2016 illustration dove peace christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! I started making this weeks and weeks ago, getting into the Christmas spirit and then I heard what was happening in Aleppo. Since then, this illustration I was doing just for fun became more meaningful, a reminder of how this world needs peace more than ever. If you have any money to spare, I'd like to encourage y'all to consider making a donation to one of these organizations to support victims of Aleppo:

1) www.savethechildren.org
2) www.icrc.org
3) peoplesmillion.whitehelmets.org
4) www.rescue.org/country/syria
5) preemptivelove.nationbuilder.com/aleppo
6) http://www.handinhandforsyria.org.uk/

Hope everyone is having wonderful time with families and friends. Cheers.

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