Happy Whatever!

Merry Happy Holi-Kwanzukkahmas-Day to you and to yours from all of us at ueno!

This is our holiday card this year and it was super fun to illustrate! If it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to you, then that's okay, because sometimes life doesn't make a whole lot of sense! The important thing is that you tolerate the madness and savor the good stuff with your favorite humans, and cats.

We are very thankful for you all (well, I'm speaking for everyone at ueno but if they aren't thankful they can eat it) and that we get to share our work and lives with you every day. Thank you for a great year of dribbbling!



(and me.)

((and all the cats.))

(((i don't actually own any cats, but the team is weirdly obsessed with them.)))

((((ask carolyn zhang about her cat costume.))))

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