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Cunningham for City Council

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Cunningham for City Council politician politics logo branding

I am currently helping out a friend with his city council race in Minneapolis. He needed a fresh brand that conveyed his progressive ideals, while appealing to some of the more traditional voters in his ward.

City council races are all about name recognition, so this wasn't really the proper place to implement an icon. I took a font the candidate liked and made it as clean and vibrant as possible; focusing on conveying the strength and movement behind his name.

My experience working on digital campaigns comes in handy when designing branding like this. I know that our main goal is to drive people to the website, and want to find any possible way to get that URL prominently featured. I was also able to think ahead about some of the use cases for this logo, and deliver a whole starter package of digital goodies for a quick launch.

You can find a video I shot (on an iPhone) and cut together (quickly in iMovie) here:

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