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I've been working on a project lately centered around helping voters find the information they need to make informed votes in upcoming elections. I started Politiclear with the mission to educate voters like myself on the issues they face. I wanted to create a virtual ballot that broke down every candidate and measure, local and national, into digestible information that the average person could and should need, and present it in a way that leaves the user better off when they leave than they were when they came in.

The site is simple: You can access a digital copy of your upcoming ballot to that you can get educated on the issues before you enter the voting booth. On top of that, there are multiple features to help you take action on topics that you're passionate about, find political groups, and keep up-to-date on important political news in a non-biased way.

I'll be showing more screens on Dribbble in the coming days and will have a case study about the project up on my site shortly. In the mean time, check out some of my other projects!

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