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#015 Daily UI challenge - UX UI Sketches

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#015 Daily UI challenge - UX UI Sketches app todo bullet journal pen uistencils paper dot paper wireframe sketch ux ui dailyui

Already my 15th shot for this daily UI challenge!

Because, I always start an idea on paper, here is a sneak peek of my tonight's sketches.

I love sketching interfaces. You are so free of any limits and you can actually design idea so quickly and you can explore all the possibilities with only a sheet of paper and a pen. I think every designer should always have a sketchbook with him. You never know when an idea will come up to your mind ;-)

Here, it is about a bullet journal app. And I think for this subject, it actually makes sense to start with some paper sketches ;-) I sometimes used this analog diary to get my things done, but after a while, I simply switch back to my Evernote. Maybe because I still have not found the perfect app for ToDo list. What if I design it by myself?

Let's see if I get some time tomorrow to keep on working on this idea. :-)

Do you like Todo list app? Why not?

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