Drew Wilson

In the Year 2000 - Emergency

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In the Year 2000 - Emergency old school 2000 blast from the past


This one was hilarious!! I did it in a design class at college. My prof was like ... "oh, so i see you mis-spelled 'Emergency' on purpose to really drive home your point" .. i was like... "uhhh... uh.. ya. exactly!" LULZ!
Obviously i couldn't spell.. but art people bein' the way they are, all artsy fartsy, thought it was genius. HAHA!

But the coo thing bout this one: it was the VERY first ever in history 'graphic design' piece accepted into the college's art gallery. Which was rad.

The bummer is, my hard drive crashed back in like 2003 or 2004... and back then i never had backups :( So all that precious early work (1996 and beyond) is LOST! I still have the hard drive, hopefully one day there will be a way to get the data off it.

I do have a couple pieces that managed to survive (like this one) because they were on a CD... i think.

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