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Aspaway startup tech dashboard online cloud saas management datacenter server

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Hey guys,

This is an older project from last year, but I never got the time to pay it the attention it deserves.

My Aspaway is a server management solution that lets you control your data centers from a single dashboard. We had the privilege of building the whole web app and marketing website from scratch and code them, which was great cause we had control over the whole process.

For the marketing website, we decided to go with colorful illustrations cheering up a bit the generally not so happy job of managing data centers. It was a challenge implementing them in the code, since they are separately animated in AE, exported as videos and small footprint was crucial.

The web app was built from scratch with custom icon set and flexible layout. It was later integrated with AngularJS.

Live version: http://my.aspaway.com
Prototype of the marketing website here.
Functional prototype of the web app here

- Project Management: David Rousseau
- Art Direction, UX/UI design, UI development: Boyan Kostov
- Illustration, Motion design: Irina Armenkova


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