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Capture One redesign

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Capture One redesign lightroom camera raw flat ui dark icons photo app mac

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Hi all,

Please note: This is just a concept.

The focus is put on streamlined UI components, from small individual buttons to bigger toolbar elements in order to achieve a coherent experience for desktop and mobile usage. The overall UI including color, text and icons is designed in balance to emphasize the actual photo content.

Make sure to check the real pixels for 1440px and 1920px displays. Also have a look at the icon overview.

Short story to this piece of work:
I was a long time Aperture user for organizing and editing my photos and used it with pleasure until recently. I had to move on because I wanted a future proof imaging software for any new projects. I struggled using other known tools like Lightroom and Capture One but it never appealed to me. Although Lightroom is a powerful tool, I’ve never liked its UI and the handling in general. I tried Capture One for a short time and thought that this is even more complicated because the interface seems scary at first. I tried it again another time for more than just a few minutes. Long story short: This highly customizable tool is my go-to imaging software now. The only thing I’m not happy about is the actual aesthetics of Capture One. :)

Would love to hear what you designers use for organizing and editing your photos and the reason behind it. Beside that, any feedback on the visuals is welcome.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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