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Perks For Tweets / Full Sequence

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Perks For Tweets / Full Sequence

Sliced, coded and done now, will be rolling out shortly.

Hopefully, the idea is obvious - mention us to your Twitter peeps and get a bit of a discount. Sounds like a fair deal to me... but I'm really curious to see if this is going to get any traction and if/how it'll be abused.

There are ready-made solutions, but for reasons unfathomable they all want write access to a Twitter account and they are ad-supported with no reasonable paid tiers. So once again it was faster to just sit down and knock something together than to spend time talking to their sales to "determine the scope of the campaign" and what not.

Let me know what you think, guys. I'm sure we aren't the first ones to try something like this.

PS. Sorry 'bout the GIF quality, it's a bit too frame-heavy.

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