Another early iteration. Check out the attachment for the little animation.

This is product card zoom level 2, meaning once you tap on a product from anywhere in the app, you would get this zoom level to get more information or take action on the product. There are a bunch of nuances here. For example, we wanted to emphasize people, because we wanted you to easily check out other people who also liked this product, check out their profile, so on so forth.

These are some early iterations. I will dump more iterative and process shots, as well as prototypes here, so follow along.

Go check out the app in the App Store.

PS: I prototyped this in Principle for Mac. Attached the prototype source file, it's using the component feature which was introduced recently. I love Principle for this kind of quick animation prototyping.
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Posted on Nov 30, 2016
Kerem Suer
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