Rise — Course Overview

For the last 16 months we've been working with the wonderful team at Articulate on a full redesign of their website and suite of products.

Rise is a responsive authoring tool used to create e-learning courses. Rise has a feature set that facilitates both consumption view for students and course creation tools for authors. Shown above is the transition from course overview to the selected lesson.
The design challenge was to create a cohesive and flexible system to accommodate a variety of different lesson types (which compiled make up a course) and a simple to use authoring experience for authors to seamlessly express their ideas.

Huge thanks to everyone that worked on this - Luisa, Halli, Maxime, Greyson, Linda, Maggi, Finnur and everyone else who touched this.

So excited to share this! Sign up for a free trial and play with it yourself https://360.articulate.com/ !

--- Btw, we're hiring in Iceland, SF and NYC, hint hint: http:// ueno.co/careers/

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