Twitch Redesign - Explore

Yo Dribbble! After so long, I can’t wait to show you this project I'm working on.

This is just a sneak peak of the redesign of the Twitch app that shows a part of the explore section.

I analysed the content from the Twitch site and the structure of the Twitch app to understand how to improve the engagement and the visualisation of the content.

I preferred to use a tab bar instead of the two actual sidebars present in the current app and tried to improve the navigation of the app itself.

For the font I used San Francisco, but I have to be honest, I was undecided about how to use Circular.

I use the font-tracking kindly offered by the Facebook guys in their amazing resource but to improve the readability of the font I had to customize it.

I hope you like this first part of the redesign, more to come in the next weeks.

Don’t forget to check the attachment.

Posted on Nov 27, 2016

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