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At the beginning of the year, I decided to challenge myself by taking on an "icon-a-day" project for 2016. I think 'challenge' is the appropriate term here, because let's face it, creating something every day is HARD! I have so much more respect for @Scott Tusk, @Nick Broers, and @Russ Pate for their daily challenge projects, you were all a huge inspiration to me through this. Little did I know, my project would lead down some unexpected roads, and to a new business along the way...

TL;DR: I'm ending my icon project to focus more energy on a new kids brand, Tacklebox Design.

My mission in starting this project was to create something on a consistent basis, and to embrace whatever direction it took me. As I continued creating icons for this daily project, an idea for a kids apparel company started to emerge. Late in the summer, I decided to lean into the idea, and my wife and I launched Tacklebox Design.

For our launch in late October, we started with eight shirt designs, all of which originated from my icon project at some point along the way.

It definitely pains me to end my icon-a-day project without finishing, but this business literally would not exist had I not started it!

Also, this whole 'starting a business' thing is all new to me, so any advice, feedback, comments, are all welcome!

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