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Twitch Design System (style guide/pattern library)

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Twitch Design System (style guide/pattern library) design system css framework pattern library style guide

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A sneak peek at some of the work we have been doing on an internal style guide at twitch. What started off as a refactor of legacy css has turned into a full framework of common patterns and best practices. I'm especially happy with our efforts on improving color/navigation accessibility, faster paint performance using aspect based placeholder logic for images, all flex box grid system, and empowering developers/designers across the org to develop faster and more consistently.

Special thanks to @mshuster, @Dick for their technical and visual efforts over the last few months, @Laura Barbera (a recent Twitch alumna) for her foundational sass contributions during the kickoff of this project, and the entire UI/UX team for continuously improving our base patterns. This is just a start on our efforts to build a better Twitch.

p.s. Internally our new framework is called Fezzik which makes total sense given his strength and good spirit.

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