This year's big accomplishment was the design, development, and leading the creation of a responsive HTML email templating system for BMW and MINI Financial Services.

Hundreds of hours were spent reviewing the previous landscape of emails, their content and their analytics, to work towards a new set of universal templates that could work for all applications across many different email clients (including Outlook 2007-2013). A system of modules were designed and built to be used for several purposes and covers the gamut of what the organization needed to build each of their many emails.

Designed in Sketch and built with HTML & CSS, a custom Gulp workflow was created with Zurb's Panini, Handlebars and Sass in order to test each module in Litmus, send emails to any recipient for review and push a web version up to a server for archival purposes.

It was a lot of work but the end result saves us so much time moving forward, allows for changes to the system to better future emails, and brings individual email development down from several days to several hours.

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Posted on Nov 23, 2016
Patrick Haney
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