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Adobe XD UI Elements Freebies

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Adobe XD UI Elements Freebies sketch psd wireframes elements ui experience adobe xd freebie

Exploring the Adobe Experience and so far I'm keen of using it.
Although along the way I can't help to compare Adobe Fireworks, Sketch and Photoshop in terms of functionality.

There's still a lot of features that Adobe team needs to address.
Such as:

1. Changing colors to Fill and Border as I used to just toggle it in just one click.

2. The ability to change Inside, Centre and Outside for stroke/border.

3. Shadow as we all know in Photoshop as drop shadow needs a bit of additional functionality such as control the angle of the shadow

4. Text transforms as such uppercase, lowercase, strikethrough, underline

5. Grids

6. I think it would be nice also to add an extensive arrays of built-in UI elements, such as wireframing elements for both web and mobile.

Overall, I think Adobe Experience has a potential to actually become one of the designer's tool for wireframing, designing and prototyping.

What about your thoughts?

Just for fun here's another freebie

Thanks to UI8 for a nice icon sets.

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