Rosybee-Plants For Bees Logo Design

Rosybee plants for bees logo design

Completed logo and identity project for RosyBee-Plants for Bees.

RosyBee sells flowering plants, packaged bee plots, containing a variety of perennial flowering plants to provide bees with a continuous mixed supply of pollen and nectar all season long.

Whilst our focus is helping honey bees, and pollinating insects, our business is selling plants to landowners who care about the environment: gardeners, allotment holders, bee-keepers, farmers, or local councils.

The logo mark was based on the Borage flower which has 5 petals sepals and 5 stamens. The client ideally wished for the logo mark to, somehow, include a visual reference to a bee without looking cheesy or cliché.

After some sketching I came to realise that if you rotated the body of a bee, whilst sharing/overlapping the left wing, you could introduce the notion of a bee as part of the Borage plant.

A cute result of this is that it shows the bees head first into the flower; presumably munching on all the yummy pollen.

There are a few more images up on my portfolio with more to come, including stationery design etc.

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