Equipment Depot Careers Landing Page

Old work I'm just getting around to posting.

Equipment Depot's corporate HR department in Houston, TX approached me in 2014 to design a new landing page to promote the company and encourage applicants at trade shows. The blue-collar industry is at risk of losing many employees with an aging workforce and less people choosing trade work.

Two moodboards were presented showcasing two distinctively different looks. One was the blue-collar, rough & rugged feel while the other was a more happy & family feel that is reflective of the way the company (which is owned by PON of the Netherlands, the same company that owns Audi) treats its employees.

Our goal through my photo art direction (photographer: Chris Radcliffe) was to show that Equipment Depot cares about their people and they are regular Joes & Jills. The following design's purpose was to tell a story from top-to-bottom ending with capturing a potential employee's data to stay in to touch with new openings.

Equipment Depot ending up liking the look of this design so much that they decided to integrate the visual style into the corporate branding of the company with big, bold sans-serif typography and a happy, human feel.

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