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Hope, the day is productive and full of interesting tasks to bring you the nice taste of creative challenges, like we have here in Tubik. Today our shot represents the logo created for the project called Realli which we are currently designing and developing for a very charming and handsome client from bright and lively Ireland. This is the branding sign for a website representing a multifunctional platform for diverse operations with real estate. It uses a mascot inscribed into the recognizable form of pin mark, which is usually associated with fixed location. Animated version is used in the web interface and helps to make the interaction more dynamic as well as strengthens the cheerful nature of the logo character. Credits for logo animation to Andrey Pixy.

Designing for any sort of projects, we believe that final solutions should be based on thoughtful creative search and analysis to result in artistic, user-friendly and functional graphic assets supporting business goals. Don't miss our fresh article in Tubik Blog giving the ultimate guide to creating a mobile app. Stay tuned!

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