16 Pixels But Not 16-Bit


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Here are almost all of the sidebar icons for the upcoming OpenEmu emulation application. I would say, for 16px or less, this was an amazingly fun challenge... a challenge that I think I met for almost all of them. Some could be better, and I might revisit them at a later date.

I still need to do the WonderSwan, but it is giving me some grief at that size. I will probably do the GameCube and Wii seeing as it is possible that a 'core' that included the great Dolphin emulator could be included someday. (though its compatible with an acceptable amount of games…Dolphin is far from optimised on the Mac hardware).

Now, I must stress, not all of these systems in the above screenshot will be available to emulate on day one. This is just the way I work (i.e. plan for the future).

We will definitely have NES (Famicom), SNES, GameBoy, GameBoy Advance, Genesis/Megadrive, Master System and GameGear available for version 1.0. That may also come with NeoGeo Pocket emulation.

Soon after, say version 1.1 we will try to include the Atari 8bit Series, Atari 5200, VirtualBoy and… and, yes Nintendo64 emulation. Oh, and some other cool UI and organisational stuff :).

Those be the plans.

When will it be released? That would be suicide if I said… but we have set a rough internal date.
It is open source and done by a group of crazy mofo's so its never wise to say in those circumstances. Oh, and if you are an OSX dev, get in touch… plenty of fun to be had with your skills and spare time!. (@OpenEmu on twitter, or @Mucx for me).

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