This is part 2 of our behind the scenes look at the new Part 1 is here.

We spent a lot of time debating what to name this page. “About” was the easy choice, but we knew we could do better. We discussed Agency, Boutique, and Shop, but none of those quite fit how we see ourselves—so we chose Studio. It's a little bit aspirational and describes how we're continually fostering more of a design culture.

For the metrics, we wanted to put up some real-time numbers. One of our developers created a mini API that we use to house data from a few of the tools we use around the office. The GitHub commits are from the repos we own, the people counter is pulled from Harvest, and the Slack messages are compiled from the different channels we're in.

We've got new team photos on the way. For now, what we're doing is pretty standard. We spent a surprising amount of time discussing possible rollover affects, but ultimately concluded that we think most of them are kinda dumb. 😛

View the live site here, and let us know what you think below.

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