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Make Antarctica Great Again.

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Make Antarctica Great Again. illustration

Last summer I was in San Diego waking up with a puddle of coffee. On my way to get the coffee I was in a very small elevator with a stout man that wore a camouflage patterned "Make America Great Again" baseball cap.
I had my coffee, walked in the sunshine and spotted an oversized fire-hydrant, it's shape reminded me of a penguin. I had memories, and daydreams of my visit to Antarctica and its penguins earlier in the year, flashing before my eyes. This included memories of the orange haired macaroni penguin.
Shortly thereafter this Image/Idea for an illustration came together in my brain with a little caffeine push, without me ever asking for it.
This is how inspiration works.

I was going to make stickers, T-shirts, coffee mugs and disposable trinkets adorning this image. I had the concept and image contained in my daydreams and brains for months, but never actually made the illustration. I just completed it a few days before the U.S. election after which it may be completely irrelevant. Any commercial pursuits are futile at this point.
That is how Procrastination works.

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