Kanteen - Tinder for Food

Kanteen - Tinder for Food

Yay! I finally found my courage to post my first shot!

First of all, thanks to @Yehezkiel Gulo for the invitation, you're da best! :D

So, Kanteen is one of several case studies I explored during my period of working as Product Designer in Ristek Fasilkom Universitas Indonesia (UI). The Kanteen App tries to solve Fasilkom UI students' problem (we have conducted a quantitative research before)––it's really painful that everyday we have to spend 5-10 minutes queuing for food, waiting for another 10-15 minutes until we can finally eat the food. We also know that our canteen has various kind of foods but looks like everyone has their own favorite foods that they don't want to try new variants of foods. With this app, we try to suggest them the foods they haven't tried before, based on people's recommendation or new favorite foods.


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