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Lettering #1: Hello Doubt

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Lettering #1: Hello Doubt vector sketch pencil pen lettering learning hand lettering

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I've been trying to start a new "disconnected" hobby, and leather working wasn't quite for me. So today, I received a few supplies to get started with trying to learn hand lettering. I chose it because it can start as a disconnected task, but become a connected task if I want it to be.

Started of with a really simple HELLO, with a plan to finish with the programmer classic of HELLO WORLD. Had some issues with starting the W though and began to doubt myself, resulting in the switch to HELLO DOUBT.

Definitely a rough result, but already learned a few things as a result. I'll probably avoid converting them all to vector unless I really like them, since it took a lot longer than I expected it to.

If you have any tips, suggestions, or links for learning hand lettering let me know!

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