Adobe Xd — Onshore App Design

Today was a truly epic day. I got to see my work in front of 10,000+ people at Adobe Max's main keynote presentation. I had the honor of working on a surf app concept I called Onshore for Adobe to show off the insane new features of Xd, one of my favorites being the real-time collaboration.

I've been a long time Photoshop user, still am, but Adobe Xd definitely has made it so much easier for me to make mobile designs. I'm now 3 apps deep in Xd and never looking back. It's officially added to my tools of choice as a designer.

Here, check out the full file for yourself and have a go with Xd!

And learn more about Adobe Xd here.

Shout out to the help from Tom Krcha and the epic Xd team for support me and our community!

Posted on Nov 3, 2016

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