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Halloween Icons

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Hey there guys,

This shot is somewhat unusual (what? what may possibly be unusual about "halloweenish stuff"? Besides I feel like I've seen it somewhere already...) because it's basically three in one: a shot, a sad story and a question to you, community members.

These icons were ordered from an icon design firm I co-own by some online magazine you guys may find familiar: smashingmagazine. We were told these icons were needed "for one special project". To our surprise the icons were later published as an item in magazine's "shop" section. Needless to say I am upset. And not only by the fact we charged less than we would have been in case we knew they were going to resell them. The mere fact of such an unexpected ruse from people whose site I appreciated came to me as a punch to the face. They didn't even bother to put a link to our site in the item's description (although we asked for it and got a "sure we will put the link")

And finally. What would you do if you were in our place?

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