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As three motivated media students we are happy and proud to announce that we will be functioning as associates under the company name Campus Creative Agency!
After a month's hard work the first proceedings have been completed.

We would like to give you a short introduction about our company:
Campus is a creative agency established by 3 motivated media students in order to take their designing talent to the next level. Together they are creating a new community to further develop themselves in this field through collaboration with challenging clients.

At campus, we believe that every company, association, school, bakery, sports club (it does not matter what you do) has to go for the gold. Working together with Campus means that we will achieve this golden level of quality, together.
Even though we are still students, this means we think and live like students. But we design like craftmen!

What does the future look like for us? It is very simple: The development of our own website and enrolling for the Chamber of Commerce are a few examples. Should you already be in need of our service, we will of course be at your service to go for the gold!

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