Cake Wristwatch

Dribble watch1

Cake Watch is a wristwatch concept with a minimal and simple design that feature 4 circles with 3 digital dials and one digital date presentation. The watch itself is the combination of digital watch with digital LCD display below the classic black panel with 4 circles cutout and some metal signs and 3 normal metal pins over dials.

The working concept of one dial like for example second dial as itself presents a dial and full digital circle which is disappearing below the dial with each second and shapes a disappearing cake. Once the dial reaches its 60th second we see full colored, smaller, inside circle revealed and new minute reveals light grey circle with each second passing again, forming a cake that is appearing.

The button on right side of the wristwatch works with 3 gestures. Push the button to change LCD inside circle colors, each push changes to another color. Pull out with 1st stop and rotate the button to set the clock, pull out with 2nd stop to set the date on the wristwatch.

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