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Phone home?

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Phone home? 80s brown orange sharks water moon jaws et monster halloween

This is my tribute to early Steven Spielberg films and my fave halloween candy, Reese's Pieces. (E.T. was scary as hell when I was growing up. He still kinda is. But he has the funniest little body.)
Monster Mashup
Take 2 halloween/horror movie characters and mash them together to create your very own spooky/goofy/horr(or)endous monster!
For the uninitiated, Creative Brain Time (aka CBT) is where we set aside 2 hours of our day-to-day work and flex those creative brain muscles. We'll complete a mini project trying new styles, new techniques and feeling very uncomfortable doing so. It's cool if you can't complete the project, this is really just a way to get to know/improve yourself!

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