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*** Available in the App Store ***

1 or 2 weeks ago I was bored and wanted to play a bit with's API to download shots on my phone. I didn't like the existing apps available on the App Store, so I thought I'd create mine.

This app is super basic, let's you download all the recent shots from Dribbble, and display them in a grid view. You don't need to sign in, you cannot comment, like or any of that, but you can check all the latest shots and get inspired.

That was the basic intention behind making this app. I found myself a lot just going to to get some inspiration, check out the latest iOS designs. With this app, you could search for a term (e.g.: iOS) and save that search for later, so anytime you come back to the app, you can just open your saved search and the app will search for that phrase to see what new stuff is out there.

I'm gonna also do some measurements on this app and try out new stuff, since it is really just a fun project for me.

Hope you guys like it. ;)

Download it here

Thanks for the mockup: @Samat Odedara

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