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Social Proof is the New Marketing. In the book, “Influence,” Robert Cialdini describes social proof as “the tendency to see an action as more appropriate when others are doing it.” Cialdini claims social proof is more powerful when we’re uncertain what to do.

Ratings and reviews often go hand-in-hand with testimonials, but it's also a very important source of social proof. It’s a great way to short-circuit any trust issues, encourage people to buy from you or motivate them to use your service. But when should you ask for it?

Your goal should be not only to make it easier for users by improving the UX design. You need to ask for it at the right time. So at which point in the user lifecycle should the social catalyst be placed? Of course, at the point of highest user engagement, called also emotional peak. In other words, when they are most satisfied with your product or service.

Oh, and don’t forget to offer a reward for their effort.

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