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Sending a lease

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Sending a lease  overlay modal

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We needed to design a way for landlords to easily send, edit and review their leases from multiple places on our platform. Maybe the landlord is messaging with a renter and decides they want to send a lease at that very moment, we needed a flexible way to pull up that information and make it easy to access, edit and send.

We wanted to design a full screen experience because of the multiple things a user could do on this screen and the several different states it could be in (lease is sent but pending signatures, has renters on it, doesn't have renters added, is signed etc.) but we didn't want to force the user to jump from screen to screen interrupting their workflow.

Our solution was to design a full screen modal that could be easily accessed from multiple areas of our platform. We could keep the experience consistent and intuitive without adding any unnecessary extra steps.

We were pretty happy with out it came out and made multiple iterations after some user testing and looking at data :)

Check out the attached for a more detailed look at some of the UI patterns

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