Introducing Rebounds

Earlier today, along with many fixes and improvements, we pushed an exciting new feature. We're calling, "a shot in reply to another shot", a rebound. You'll notice a new link in the sidebar of a shot's detail page.

How do I use it? Use the Rebound link to upload new shots that are continuations of a previous shot. The newly uploaded shot will link back to (and appear in the comments section of) the rebounded original. It's a way of officially associating two shots together and we think it'll be fun, useful and awesome.

Here are some examples of rebounds in action:

1) Have a finished design shot that was previously a sketch? Rebound the sketch with the finished design to let players follow the progression.

For example, this sketch turned into this iterated design.

2) Host your own mini "layer tennis" matches by dribbbling a shot and letting your followers rebound it with their take, building on your original.

3) Ask for feeback on a particular shot and have other players rebound it with specific changes, edits, new directions, etc.

4) Other stuff we haven't even thought of, but you probably will.

We've also added a way of retro-rebounding shots you might've already dribbbled by entering a shot's ID or URL. You'll see a link to access that in the Upload a New Rebound view after clicking a Rebound link from a recently-dribbbled shot.

Hope you guys dig it, and as always we value your feedback, ideas and general fantasticness. Keep rocking.

—Coach Dan & Coach Rich

Posted on Jan 18, 2010
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