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I'm a huge @bathrugby fan and while they have one of the few first class iPhone apps out of the rugby premiership clubs (Leicester being one of the only others), I can't help but want more from it.

Personally I think the app could look and work a little nicer but my designer opinions aside, I really wish it had a way to deliver match day updates - I could see this being useful for any sports fan, even if they're at the stadium. Knowing who scored a try at the other end of the pitch isn't always obvious, and instant updates are something an iOS app should be made for.

With that in mind I've mocked up how I'd love an iOS app to work for my sports team on the day they have a game. Normally, the today tab could show news and updates, but when it's a Saturday an additional 'Matchday' page is shown where the match updates get posted live.

Check out the full view for a better look. I might expand on this for the hell of it, it's a fun exercise as a fan ;)

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