Sprocket Android 1.4.11 Siamese RecycleView

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Sprocket Android 1.4.11 Siamese RecycleView bike part bicycle action ui ux siamese scrollview scroll material android sprocket

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The new Siamese RecycleView pattern I invented for Sprocket!

In the marketplace the closer to the center/refresh the closer the item is to your location. In search the closer to center the closer to 0-9-A on the alpha-numeric scale.

The most important benefit to the apps marketplace is that I dont have to stack two sets of tabs on top or introduce a bottom tab anti-pattern. The secondary benefit is the weight of actions necessary to switch between the two categories is reduced from 2-1 taps to 0. Enjoy!

Ill make a CS6 animation of the marketplace soon.

This will be going into some future release of the Sprocket Android bicycle app available here.

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