Hi there, fellas!

This time we have the pleasure — the very distinct pleasure! - of presenting one of the children of our labour... Silk UI !

We built Silk UI at OutSystems as a way to create amazing mobile adaptive and web responsive interfaces, just by drag-and-drop — pretty much codeless. We could have just used any UI framework out there... but we decided to build our own, instead.

What do you get with Silk UI? To start with, lots of pre-built blocks and samples that will greatly accelerate your UI development. You also get a bunch of Themes and Patterns to play with for Phone, Tablet or Web Applications.

Kudos here to the incredible Silk UI development team, for sifting through dozens of the most used apps in the world in search of those patterns. And now, all you have to do is drag-and-drop them, to get the same amazing look and feel... and the brilliant performance to match.

The UX and UI team was involved in the process since its very beginning, about 2 years ago, so we're proud to see this baby growing. We're very proud. We did extensive research, we studied trends, we were very involved in designing the themes, patterns and sample pages that you can used to get a kickstart for your projects.

Welcome to our design portfolio on Dribbble

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