Ford Mustang Allegro 1962

Ford Mustangs that Never Were.

As part of the celebration for the 50th Anniversary of the iconic Mustang, Ford has recently started to publish an extensive history of the model along with images sourced from its archives. A lot of prototypes developed from the early 1960’s up to the 1990’s and that never reached production.

I was so excited and decided to model them all in low poly style for one project :) So here we go. 1962 Allegro Concept.

From late 1961 into mid-1962, Ford designers tried out a wide range of themes for a sporty coupe based on the platform of the new Falcon compact. Each design was given an internal name for the purpose of discussion.

One fastback design actually went through at least three different names starting with Avventura before moving on to Avanti and finally Allegro.

The fastback design was originally sketched with a hatchback and rear-facing second row seat. While this car never made it to production, a variation of the fastback profile was eventually adopted as the third bodystyle for Mustang.

Posted on Oct 3, 2016
Evgeny Skidanov
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