A Page About Marcos Felipe

These days have been filled with questions from me to myself about, hey, myself. Organize my own path through design was my challenge here. The ideia was to fill a page in a way that it tells who am I and what I do, from the perspective of design for designers to read.

To do that, I divided the content in three major areas: the first one, a introduction about myself, my vision about design and the companies I’ve worked. The second one, my skills and competences in a graphic way. I like to be honest on that part and share not only my strength points, but my limitations too. In the third part, I tell about my three last projects in Fjord São Paulo and the side projects that I'm most proud of.

It’s not easy for me to talk about myself. I take this exercise as a opportunity to visite my past and build sense from the challenge of think not only on the visual, but the story that I’m telling. The design come as a tool to facilitate this narrative, that’s what I’ve try to print on this exercise.

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