Trio Hot, Cool and Cold wallpaper, final

Update March 2012: Now includes Retina iPad versions!

All done. Available in 3 delicious flavours: Hot (shown), Cool (darkish purple) and Cold (blueish). Took slightly longer than expected… these aren't straight resize/crops, they're drawn at each size.

Bjango Trio (Desktop).zip — 2560 × 1440
Bjango Trio (iPad).zip — 1024 × 1024
Bjango Trio (iPad Retina).zip — 2048 × 2048
Bjango Trio (iPhone).zip — 640 × 960

If you downloaded the previous iPhone wallpaper, please redownload this version (lots of small improvements).

Bjango Trio Hot (iPad).png — A full sized version of the iPad wallpaper without downloading the ZIP, so you can take a look at it right now, if you're on your iPhone or iPad.


Bjango Trio (iPad Retina).zip
6 MB
Bjango Trio (Desktop).zip
6 MB
Bjango Trio (iPhone).zip
1 MB
Bjango Trio (iPad).zip
2 MB
Posted on Oct 22, 2011
Marc Edwards ✎ Bjango
Makers of Snowflake, iStat Menus, and Skala.

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