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This is the mobile app version of the website.

Further description:
AltWeekly is an online alternative news and lifestyle site and app that features content from multiple cities in the United States. Users can select a city and read features on local news and politics, urban development, music, theater, art movies and more.

What makes AltWeekly different from most other alternative news sources is that it includes user-generated content.
The site/app will have a core of contributing writers and editors – but will also include the ability for users to contribute their own stories – not unlike Medium.

The stories can be about anything that interests them about the city they live in. They can be news or op-ed, straight-forward or personal. Another differentiator is the quality of design. AltWeekly features a modern and clean design and is easy to consume and drill into. Advertising, while important, is tasteful displayed and doesn’t overwhelm or annoy the reader.

AltWeekly will have its own unique voice and brand. It’s not just a source of generic news stories, nor will it feature click-bait “fake” local stories that tie in national celebrities.

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