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Costarica Zack's Journey

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Costarica Zack's Journey 3d illustration 3d artist oasim 3d environment 3d character day meets night kids book ipad book 3d kids book

Day Meets Night is one of the biggest projects from my career:

- 80 3D illustrations
- 20 3D characters
- Just over 300 GB of files.

And the best part is that I had the pleasure to work with amazing artists like Luigi Lucarelli (For creating those amazing chracters), C.A. Kubesh (for doing an amazing job storyboarding which saved me hours of work), Rocío García (for creating the most beautiful Sun and Moon), Brett Stebbins (for all 3d help when we started this project), Damian Grady (for being amazing an amazing sound designer and a huge support for me), Lee Turner, (who created a beautiful musical piece for the book)

If you buy the book, I would love to hear your thoughts!

Proceeds will be used to create scholarships for orphans of the Nepal Earthquake and the Syrian War.

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