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Pulled an all-nighter yesterday together with our film production team to come up with an appropriate name and logo and to create a website (

We are participating in a competition in the Netherlands, called "the Entertainment Experience". It's a project run by famous Dutch director Paul Verhoeven, known for directing Blackbook, Basic Instinct and Robocop. The idea is to create a 24 minute long user-generated movie: everyone can participate in filming, acting, writing, editing and composing. The first three minutes of script are written by a professional script writer (Kim van Kooten), all the following seven parts of three minutes will be written by participators of the competition.

We filmed the first three minutes of script and were the first team to upload the result. Now we're trying to gather as much votes as possible. If we win, our interpretation will be part of the final movie, meaning it will be shown in cinema.

If you'd like to help us (and understand Dutch, because unfortunately it's a pretty complicated process...) you can view the video and vote on

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