Thuy Gia Nguyen

WEEK 8: Another hit at Ruter Billett

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WEEK 8: Another hit at Ruter Billett makeitbetter transit transport maps buy ticket ios flat ui redesign app ruter

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Another week with another hit at Ruter for having such an outdated and stale design on their wildly used Ruter Billett, a bus ticket app for people living in Oslo. I've noticed and gotten annoyed at the UI design every time I bought a ticket. Another part with the app that I have no idea why is, is that their UI design does no effort in using same/similar colorschemes as their own website.

WEEKLY CHALLENGE: GEtting tired of writing this one now. In short. I challenge myself to design and publish something new every week for as long as it still inspires me and I think it is fun. Yey!

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