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Polaroid Logo Variations

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Polaroid Logo Variations mark movement wheel zoetrope colorful colors logo brand polaroid

Spent a little time at the beginning of this year helping out Polaroid with a couple of initiatives. One being a look at the brand, bringing the brand up to date and regain it's premium status, while giving a nod to the heritage and history of the company. Cole Rise evolved the lettering to it's current incarnation and tag teamed a lot of the brand work at that time, so a big hat tip to him.

This exploration, was one of many but my personal favourite. Exploring the metaphor of the zoetrope aka "The Wheel of Life" (image source). One of the first pre-film animation devices that brought movement to the still image. A correlation to the next generation of Polaroid, a company that invented instant photography, now moving to bring life to interactive, touchable photography. This got sidelined for more focus on (now known as) Polaroid Swing.

You can get a glimpse of things to come at Polaroid Swing, so yeah...go download the app.

Put a more complete case study of what I worked on at Polaroid if you want to have a butchers.

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