macOS Sierra UI Kit (for Sketch)

This is a small UI Kit for macOS Sierra. I've created this UI Kit at 1x scale, but with retina displays in mind! So if you open this on a non-retina screen it may looks a little blurry. I think we're missing some good retina UI Kits for Mac so I've created this based on Apple's fine retina style.
The Sketch document uses the latest features like Text Styles, Symbols and Auto Layout. You can download this for FREE and use it to create your own retina ready designs!
Show some love if you like this UI kit and share it with your friends. ;)

I'm thinking about making a full macOS Sierra UI Kit with all UI elements, a Sketch template and so on. Would you like to see something like this? If yes do you like the retina ready styles and elements? Or do you have any other feedback? ;)

Edit: Theres now a GitHub Repo where you can find the UI Kit + a new Craft Library!

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Posted on Sep 26, 2016
Alexander Käßner
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